Contrast Good and Bad Presenters

Locate 2 videos of speakers on a specific topic. One should exhibit good presentation style and the other not so good.

Post a link to each of the videos in the Portfolio along with a bullet point list for each video outlining the good characteristics of the good speaker and the poor characteristics of the poor speaker.

  • Adress everyone
  • Very sincere
  • Slow speaker but it works (pauses)
  • Uses ‘we’ as well as ‘I’
  • Great speaker
  • Tells a story
  • Eye contact
  • Tone change


  • Reads straight off paper
  • slouching in
  • Hand in pocket
  • Very quick talker
  • Mumbles when talking
  • Puts hand in front of face so you can’t hear
  • Doesn’t seem to care at all

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