Niche Blogging

a)  Read and summarise the following web-based article-

b)  List whether you agree or disagree with the author. Give reasons for your choice.




  • Blogs have two categories niche and lifestyle
  • Lifestyle – going to write about everything
  • Niche – going to write about one thing
  • Niche one-track mind having one purpose one goal, this is where the real traction and traffic happen for a blog
  • Niche save time fit into one specific category stay true to theme
  • Benefits of niche blog- stay on track, grow a reliable audience, monetize for blog, expand your knowledge
  • Knowing the specific topic your writing about gives you mores tool to help you get out of a rut
  • Niche blog has more concrete methods of finding ideas narrow boundaries keep you on track
  • Niche blog will give you an audience you can relate to and understand you
  • Easier to advertise if you have a niche blog
  • Niche blogs have in-depth coverage of topics expanding your knowledge
  • Niche blog can go from different angels don’t have to find heaps of different idea
  • Have to research and plan heaps before starting a niche blog especially picking your topic if you want to earn money from it
  • Make sure your passionate about it and decide whether it will be long term or short term
  • Need to think of affiliate marketing programs and products available that fit your needs
  • Google keywords to help choose your title
  • If you want to turn your lifestyle blog into a niche blog look at what you write about the most, what the most reads are on your article, getting rid of old posts that don’t relate, and resisting writing about anything


I agree with the author that niche blogging is better from both perspectives of being a reader and a blogger. Firstly if your a reader you can easily find a topic you want to know or learn more about in depth very easily and you know for a fact it will stay on topic. Secondly being a blogger if you’re really passionate about something you wouldn’t have any problems writing about it in depth. Especially if you want to earn money its much easier as your readers are coming to your page specifically for what your writing about as well as it being much easier to advertise.


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