Customer Value Optimisation

Pick a product or service that you might want to promote online.

  •   Describe the product
  •   Describe something that you could use as a Lead Magnet
  •   Describe something that you could use as a Tripwire
  •   Describe at least 2 Profit Maximisers (upsells, cross-sells etc)
  •   Describe how you could set up a Return Path to sell more products or services.
  •   List at least 4 other products or services you could sell to a returning customer


Is an handheld computing device for entertainment multimedia by Apple, its designed for consumers who want a mobile device that is bigger then a smartphone but smaller than a laptop.

Lead Magnet- Buy the iPad and receive 1 year free insurance Only for the first 150 customers ( In store only)

Tripwire- Receive a free iPad smart cover when purchasing an iPad during April

Profit Maximisers – “People who bought this product also bought” Apple pencil, IPad Keyboard

Return Path- Add a Keyboard for just $215 extra or AirPods for just $229

Other Products – BeatsX Earphones, AirPods, IPad Smart Cover, Keyboard, Pencil


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